Japara consists of over 50 homes and co-located communities around the country. These homes' signage and wayfinding will eventually all need to be updated to incorporate the new Japara brand. Implementation of a well thought out and well executed signage system will help make the experience of the homes consistent, informative and speak to the current value proposition. When this project started, three pilot sites were chosen: Kingston Gardens, The Highbury and Central Park. 
With this concept we've tried to express the warmth and welcoming character of each home. A Japara home is not a cold, clinical place but one that radiates warmth, comfort and tranquility. The contrast of the dark sign forms with the warm timber panels sends out that message.
Concept and design development in collaboration with Andrew Fox at Norm Studio. Photography: Wren Steiner (The reception desk oblique view and hierarchy are 3d-renders produced by Studiozeil)
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