Based on the Epworth Freemasons donor recognition signage that we developed in 2020, we recently created a new piece of donor recognition signage for the Epworth Eastern Hospital in Box Hill. This digital donor recognition signage consists of four digital displays and two panels with static text. Three of the displays are combined into a video wall set-up. Digital donor signage gives the client the flexibility to update the frequently changing list of donor names on a regular basis. The signage design is simple, minimal, and blends in with the hospital environment due to the segmented strip that visually ‘dissolves’ with the wall behind. The signage creates a subtle visual reference with high tech healthcare equipment: white rounded vacuum-formed shapes of modern MRI scanners combined with digital displays. In addition to the physical signage design we developed a ‘motion template’ that enhances the presence in motion of each donor name (categories) on each of the digital displays. This digital donor recognition design will be implemented in other Epworth locations as well later this year.
Signage manufacturer: Icon Creations
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